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The North 12 martial arts academy is one of North London’s newest full time martial arts schools in a purpose built DOJO. Located just off the busy high road in North Finchley, N12, it boasts an enviable fully matted training area which is both fully ventilated and has air conditioning. It has a large seated viewing area for friends, family or interested persons to watch classes, and also has a shower, toilets and male and female changing rooms. Our pro shop will provide you with all your training equipment required as well as offer healthy refreshments for members and visitors alike.

North 12 is far from your average martial arts training venue and visitors and members alike know this the moment they step through the doors.

The Martial arts program is headed by World renowned martial artist David Onuma.

The Arts

All of the arts taught at the North 12 Academy follow a structured curriculum and guidelines. In keeping with the high standards it follows, the Academy has a uniform policy for all classes. Shorts, T shirts and rash guards are provided and in BJJ students adhere to a white Gi only policy (also provided)



Brazilian jiujitsu  – is the worlds fastest growing style – its popularity is based upon its efficiency and the fact that it can be practiced by men, women and children alike. It is a grappling based style practiced with and without the Kimono (GI).A grading structure is in place for progression through to Black belt and beyond governed by Mestre De La Riva and the IBJJF



Despite the simplicity of the name, the program created by David will not be found anywhere else in its entirety. Drawing upon the striking and training methods from Muay Thai, Filipino Boxing, Western boxing, The Madjapahit martial arts and Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, students systematically learn how to use all their striking tools in a defensive and offensive manner.

A grading structure is in place for progression through to Black belt and beyond.

Filipino Martial Arts


Filipino Martial arts – a weapons based martial art which draws its roots from real life combat and warfare but which remains current today and has an explosive and manipulative empty hands approach to fighting too.

Kids Program


The current chosen art for this program is Brazilian jiujitsu as we believe that it  develops all the skills that our children need today. Fitness – discipline – self defence – confidence but all in a safe environment whilst also having fun. Watch them grow and develop under our experienced guidance as they learn to use their mind as well as their body

#Change Your Game
From beginner to experienced martial artist we can improve your game and take your skills to the next level. Get in touch to find out how

How To Find Us

Basement/Rear of 770 High Road, North Finchley, London, N12 9QH (The entrance is located on Friern Park Road, N129QH)

0208 446 8539

Nearest Station Woodside Park (Northern Line)

Bus Routes 125, 263, 626, N20

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